Thursday, 17 February 2011

Cold as hell

Nothing much has happened this week though it has been the normal busy. After the allergist, I got my new medication and Epi-pen, the joys of stupid allergies. Then it got cold... Wednesday -32C and Thursday -35C... both days I walked to school and back dressed in ski wear to keep warm. It has been so beautiful so I didn't mind it being cold as the sun was out!

Monday, Christine saw the Northern Lights in Jyväskylä and ever since we have been watching for them to come back. They are predicting they should be visible 15-17 February. I stayed up all Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, gave up at 2am, got up at 4.30am to make Eero a drink before he left for work, then got an hours sleep and got up for school. Bad idea I was exhausted by the end and annoyed I hadn't seen anything!

Wednesday night, Britta and Christine came to our place and we watched the internet sites until midnight for any magnetic activity, for this expected second solar wind. There was nothing. So disappointed we wait again tonight with still hope in our hearts to see this again!

Going to Tampere tomorrow by train! Whoohooo, so excited to be going home for the weekend!

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