Thursday, 17 February 2011

Kielikampusseminaari - Työelämän kielet ja kielikoulutuspolitiikka

My first public speaking in front of 150 people. I decided to use no notes at all but speaking in front of so many people is scary! though i still managed to speak! haha!

Here is the link to our little talking experience. Video from Jyväskylä University

This day was one of the best experience's in my life! I am excited about getting the chance to do this again and improve my speaking a little better =)I am sure I don't sound like that though. On the plus side I have slowed down my public speaking as all people has English as at least a second language.

Yay i'm still proud =) We did great! I am forever in debit to Marlen for this chance! x

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