Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Learning to Ice Skate

The end of last week just turned into a crazy blur so much to for school and as normal deadlines are all for the same time. I am however coping but some days are so frustrating when I work and work and then as the "things completed" list grows so does the "things to do" list... ahhh but it is all worth the struggle at least!

So I have never skated before, we once went to a birthday party when I was around 12 which was at a skating rink, however we didn't skate just walked around holding the edges. Much to Eero's bemusement that I had never learnt to skate, one of his favourite pass times. He agreed to teach me, then agreed to teach Jenny and even Britta (but she could skate better so didn't need a hockey stick to start).

I was happy with my progress, I expected to fall on my ass repeatedly and didn't. I started with two hockey stick and ended up with none also letting Eero pull me around with a hockey stick at one point, bemused how he can skate so quickly going backwards and concentrating so hard on not falling on my face or locking my legs. Entertainment and somewhat addictive. I now wait impatiently for Eero to come home on Friday so as we can go skate again. I plan to be skating on the lake very soon before it melts and becomes the lake again!

Britta has a few photos of us skating so I will put on here when she uploads them. Britta and Jen also got to see Eero's show off skating which was loved and envied by all lol

Now I must go shop, carry on working and go to school later tonight =)

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