Saturday, 12 February 2011

Very Productive Days

So there next conference I have applied to speak at is Jyväskylä's own international conference. This is an exciting wait to see if I get in! Conference itself is 6 to 9th June.

I have also spent a few hours updating my CV, writing a cover letter for summer work, then another for summer school. I have applied for Summer School at Jyväskylä but we don't find out until June. If I do get then it's only a week from the 15th August and it has a field trip and an exam. The downside is it's a competitive course as there are only 50 spaces! We will see, I am quite lucky this year.

I also applied for summer work, the company will remain nameless for a while but I only applied to one company. For as restrictive as it is, it's a leading company so I just thought aim for the top. I would love to get a place there as it could be a great lead for future employment but we will see! Choices for that are confirmed in April.

We are also buying a new funky camera as I don't like the one I brought to move here with. Eero has agreed that I can spend a fair bit of money on getting a professional camera!!! Alas, I am a little annoying that currently the company won't send to Finland so this gives me an extra shipping cost to get it sent to here and the camera isn't cheap. ho hum... I need to ask Dean if he will check it works and the ship it to me.

Also waiting for the last few books I ordered. I have also found some learn Swedish and Russian audio Cd's that I really want but first I must finish learning Finnish.

I have done so much yesterday and today that now we get to go a walk into city, hopefully I can get some good photos on route!!

Oh yeah Friday morning in Jyväskylä -29C!! unfortunately this cold snap is hanging around for at least next week! But it does make the scenery so beautiful!

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