Monday, 28 March 2011

Dudeson's Signed DVD and Saturday

Nothing very interesting has happened this last few weeks, it has been all work and very little play.

Last Monday, we had the canvases delivered and they are all up now but two of them that need to be drilled into the wall. Eero also made us a frame and we made a picture with that with some fabric we got especially! YAY!!

Then Britta, Iris and Dennis came around as we have only 2 and half weeks to write up our Finnish report and the presentation for it which is Thursday 31st! Eck!!!

Then Elisa and Joni dropped by to see the apartment and say hi. Followed by Jouko and Kati who stopped by on the way home from Lapland. We had guests from 12pm to 10pm =) great day! lots of cooking 3 pizzas, cheese bread, pulla and apple and cinnamon crumble.... good day!

I finished my first draft of my seminar paper Sunday and submitted it. So much work the Finnish exam is very early too, only 2 weeks away!!

It snowed 12cm as yet over the weekend and today, once more we are at 74cm of snow! footpaths are evil as this 10cm of snow is compacted or part ploughed and there is just a thick layer of ice under it! slippery!

I got home to find the Dudeson's DVD was signed! Happy days!

Now, I must go learn some Finnish grammar

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