Friday, 1 April 2011


So,Wednesday old Lucky cat was rushed to the vets as he had stopped eating and drinking. An odd thing for him as all he ever does is eat. He is normally skinny at best and no one has ever been able to know why. Vets couldn't find anything wrong with him.

But he stayed in the vets overnight and they ran tests and put him on drip. next day, he was discharged and they said maybe he just had an infection. Thursday, mom said he seems a little brighter but Friday, today he's not well again so mom has rushed him back to the vets. He has been admitted for further tests.

He is very old and I found him two years ago abandoned and starving to death on a landfill, hence the name Lucky. I took him home, hoping to get him re-homed but no charity would take him so he became cat number 4.

He maybe at the end of his days but I suppose we find out soon enough! Either way he has had a happy two years, eating better than most cats!! Time will tell.

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