Sunday, 3 April 2011

Saturday 2nd April

I really had a good day yesterday, trying to forget that Lucky was near the end of his days.

Britta and me, went to Iris and Dennis' place to meet a few other people and study some Finnish grammar. I enjoyed it, it was a fun afternoon!

I left at 5pm to go home and wait for Jen to come around. Jen got here and we had a good gossip. Britta came by at 7pm after staying longer at Iris and Dennis'. We made some cheese bread, apple and cinnamon crumble. Then roasted sweet potatoes with plain salmon with salt and peper (for me benefit) and soya, chilli and honey salmon. Looks and smells divine but the soya allergy prevents sampling for me!

We then watched the film buried.... Omg, possibly the worst film I have ever seen. So unrealistic, one scene for hour and half, inside a dark coffin. No real morals or lessons... pointless and thats a few hours I can't get back! hehe Just don't bother watching it....

Also the Finnish exam is just over a week away so I have to hope I don't panic and we get the job done! and do well! For me, Finnish is now hard, after never learning another language and not ever being taught much English grammar at school. But it is still not impossible and we are considering private classes for speaking at the minute! will keep you posted!!!

the other thorn in my side, we had another seminar to write but as a pair... 29 people enrolled in the course, I had a partner... I couldn't start the presentation and seminar until last week as my schedule (and many others were too heavy) but 15 pages between two people is not so bad. So I email my partner, nothing. Then check the uni website... half the people have left the course!! including her so now I have a week and a half to type this report alone and prepare for the Finnish exam!! You can imagine my new stress level!!!

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