Sunday, 3 April 2011

Not so Happy Mother's Day

In the UK, today ia Mother's Day. After knowing my card reached there safely and mom knowing I can't post the present as it is a little too fragile to post.

I called this morning, no answer. So, then I texted saying I was trying to call where was everyone. The call was returned around 45 minutes later with the sad news that they had rushed Lucky to the vets and had him put to sleep. He got worse over night and they didn't want him to suffer any more. Then they went hokme and burried him under the apple tree, with a flower pot over him with flowers. We only had him two years but they were happy ones and he was such a sweet little cat always happy and purring right until the end.

I still, somewhat hope that mom has a nice day but it's not going to happen really. Everyone is sad that he's gone and even the other cats will miss him. But thing's die and it's a part of life though it doesn't mean we can't miss them and wish things were different.

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