Friday, 28 October 2011

27th Birthday, Best day by far!

So Tuesday was my birthday and I didn't expect much from it as I had classes 8.15am to 4pm with no break unless a class finished early! The day started well, I meant my new lab partner Navdeep who brought me chocolate as a gift! A great way to start the day! We finished the experiment quickly, which I was glad as I still felt like something the cat threw up from the antibiotics. The day before I had planned to meet Jussi about a few issues and questions and he said he maybe able to tell me about the job I applied for short notice the week before. 

Knowing the job offer went on a group email to the school, I wasn't particularly hopeful as it was a paid offer which always inspires people to apply, money talks where we admit it or not! I was quite amused walking to Jussi's office as Navdeep said "before you go in, tell him you can only get good news on your birthday", but I didn't say it when I got there I was too busy making sure I remembered all the questions I needed to ask. So, I got there and went to see Jussi, who offered me the job, so shocked to hear I got the job, I forgot all the questions I had planned to ask. Instead, I was told about the job and what I would be doing for the next 3 months. Basically, it involves re-planning and updating a course which is a nice job for someone now planning to teach at university! 

Happy, then after calling mom, dad then nan and granddad about the job... Even texted Eero who called back! I went to my course assistant class! I was there for my normal two hours and just as I was leaving Marlen and the class sang "Happy Birthday", somewhere between shocked and embarrassed it improved my day and off I went to my final class!

After, I got home I waited for Eero to come home as on Wednesday, my final wisdom tooth was being removed (good riddance!!) When he got home he had flowers, so Mr Romantic struck again! He waited until late to post on my fb wall so he would be at the top of the list! (boys... my boys I mean him!) 

I was also quite shocked that I had over 150 fb messages?!?! That's not normal even with my friendship group!! 

Wednesday, was an early morning... we had to be at the dentist by 7.50am. Tooth extraction was OK, bleed heavy for a few hours then it stopped! I look forward to the weekend when I don't have to eat mush! 

On the topic of food, I have received so many emails on fb and people asking me how to cook certain things I am starting a food blog for allergy people, like me with a lot of adapted recipes and experiments that I like. So watch this space!!!

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