Tuesday, 11 October 2011

In the path of the skilled, barriers will disappear?

So, I haven't posted for a while, basically as life has been busy and uni has been annoying to say the least. To be brief, I had a course cancelled 5ECTs, was told for one subject I couldn't sit the exam as the course was done, even though I had wisdom teeth extracted on the exam days, wasn't like I couldn't be bothered to turn up... another 5ECTs gone- bad thing is this subject only runs every 2 years and is a must on my course so graduating could be a bitch now but I am taking a similar course to replace it. Hell shall have no fury if they don't accept it... I mean, come on... who puts must take courses every two years... bad planning, in my opinion anyway. I have so many clashes again, even within my own major.

Last 3 weeks, have been rough just like I am banging my head against a brick wall and wasting my own time. But I did half complain by writing a review of my course, that was very honest and I felt a lot better after handing that in. My tutor has been great trying to help me plan and cover my timetable as I originally planned to graduate with 20ECTs extra, now I am just about going to break even. Not at all happy about that... I also agreed with my tutor, that as a native English speaker, I would take some writing courses in Finnish to prove competence of another language, of course everything clashes with these courses and I know have an intensive course for 2 weeks which clashes like a MOO cow with my other subjects.

I hate clashes, I hate missing classes unless I am ill. Enjoy lectures and it causes me great stress that I can't study the course I want completely as I have to miss something. Also, I was lucky that one course a core subject that was only running in Finnish this year, I got an intensive week course from VTT to compensate. So that didn't annoy me as I got an awesome course but it worries me that others who only speak English are missing out... alas the problem is not mine and these people should learn to complain or just stick with bad choices and situations.

I also have had great frustration with a research course, it took like almost 3 weeks to reply to me by email. Just to say people have to apply and one person will get the course when it gets offered. So now I have to compete to get ECTs... Gradation is now delayed from May until September next year. As with my thesis next semester I have 52ECTs... it is going to be hard, I know almost near impossible but I have faith in my own ability to plan and conquer the near impossible. To me, impossible doesn't exist, there is just the things we succeed in and things in which we fail. I will not fail this course therefore, I will succeed.

There are 24 hours in a day and I don't need many to eat, wash and exercise! On the plus side, Eero has be awesome last 3 weeks as I doubt I have been in a good mood with all this stuff in the background. I am glad he is my port in the storm. I am annoyed that I had to juggle my timetable a bit more than I wanted too and now I have a heavy load of studying this semester and it gets worse as it goes but let's face it, it's a master's degree and no one ever said it would be easy! but all this stress will be worth it this time next year!!! *end rant*

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