Saturday, 22 October 2011

Sewing, dentists and bad news!

 Sewing for mom, 24 hours in

Ear healing nicely

It has definitely been a week to remember... the original plan was to celebrate my birthday this week, as my last wisdom tooth extraction is the 26th, the day after my birthday... I was happy with that, seemed a nice way to end 3 weeks of intensive courses.

Tuesday, I woke up 3am, problem tooth, felt like it had fallen out, so painful I couldn't close my mouth, or sleep after. So, I lay there, counting sheep trying to sleep, it was so painful I didn't sleep but just thought it was another episode of it being "sensitive" as the UK dentist told me that was the problem with this tooth. hmmm. Anyway, Tuesday was a long day at school, 9am to 4pm no breaks, no set time to eat unless one class finished early. I took some paracetamol and left for school. Pain got worse, swelling started so I knew I had to go the dentist, annoyed as I didn't have any time for it in my week but no choice, pain and swelling something was wrong. So, after Tuesday evening still the same, I knew 8am when the dentist opened I had to call. I got an appointment at 12pm, emailed my lecturer said I would be late... I knew from June when the UK dentist replaced the filling after the same thing happened there, a root canal was coming. So in I went, I explained 2 years of agony with this tooth since it was filled in UK, and the swelling  I got June when UK replaced the filling.  Seems then it was infected and should of been root canalled and me given antibiotics but it wasn't picked up on and how was I to know? 

So, the Finnish dentsit, said 2 teeth are now infected, and both need a root canal to prevent infection coming back, we will do the most painful tooth. So I selected "problem" tooth, after the root canal she told me the tooth was dead, it had no blood, I know it did before they replaced the filling in UK, I remember her mopping the blood from my tooth a lot.  Alas, now it is dead, apparently it doesn't mean too much, well its not falling out so it's all good for now. I was so annoyed that the UK dentist didn't spot the infection, and didn't give me a root canal when I needed it as they said the filling they gave me wouldn't last. Then Finnish dentist gave me some peniclin, I was so tired and annoyed I didn't read the allergy ingredients and after riding 5km home, I noticed I couldn't take the tablets. Next day, I went back and explained and we found out 95% of penicilin contains mint, which I am allergic. It was sorted and I had expensive antibiotics and went home. It was a bad infection, I felt like death, cold but sweating, not energy and spent 3 days on the sofa with a douvet. Saturday, the antibiotics had kicked in, I am alive again!

Today, I made some coco cookies as I'm not allergic to coco but can't find any chocolate I can tolerate. Yum, they are awesome! This afternoon, we went to see Contagiion and it was a great film!!! Eero and me went to the book shop and we got two new cook books in Finnish, one on pasta and other baking. No points for guessing who picked which book!!!

We also picked out Alex's present after we brought the girls 6€ worth of reflectors and sent them, we got him a pig toy. It's so cute!!! 

Dad is having his first week of chemotherapy this week, so as a get well soon present, Eero and me got him a new jumper to give to him when we go back to the UK in December. Nan had her emergency prolapse womb surgery and now everyone is ok again. For me, the problem is not that they are ill, it's the crushing guilt surrounding it all, not being able to be there for mom when she needs me. Still makes me swallow hard to be honest. The week previous, I just shut down, still went to uni but the week was a blur, I missed one deadline that I didn't really need but then I got annoyed that it had affected me but then, it was going to.

I have also made huge progress with mom's sewing she wanted me to do! that's what 24 hour's of cross stitching looks like. Nan wants me to do her the same pattern too. It is beautiful though, but I am not making us one, I don't think my sanity could stitch three of the same pattern!!! I will keep adding photos when I make some progress!! =)

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