Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Languages, Finnish and Swedish

Finnish... so it has been 14 months of learning. I got all pissed off with uni teaching at Suomi 3, basically I was told I didn't understand and needed to resit the course (which was rubbish). Well, I didn't believe this or listen and went on to the next level course, at a paid course from another school... I got grade 4... so my stubbornness overuled and it seemed like carrying on was a good idea. I know have a lot more confidence in Finnish again so whohooo! I have these extra evening courses until June 2... exams every 5 to 6 weeks so we are tested often in exams that are not easy!

I am happy again, practicing where possible, I have a class, well intensive course taught in Finnish for two weeks so it is cool!

Swedish, is coming along very quickly! Already we try to speak as much Swedish in class as possible, it's very promising and I am happy at the rate of learning. We have handed in two letters yet and we have a mid term exam tomorrow. Haven't had much time to prepare anything but this is about practicing and finding out what we need to learn for end of term exam!

me = happy bunny =)

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