Tuesday, 11 October 2011

VTT course, Increase Forst Fuel Supply

This course was awesome! We don't normally get to see any theory in practice and this course had fieldtrips every afternoon so I got to see things people don't normally!! I was the only student on this course which was a training course for foresters... interesting! I remember, that once upon a time I loved forestry but courses weren't so popular in UK so I turned to environmental protection technologies.. not a bad move.. but it did have those "what if?" thoughts...

Also networking is something hugely important with an impending thesis, maybe PhD or work! Jobs are hidden market in Finland, so here it's not always what you know but also who. Being social, I find this networking easy... I love to talk and I am pushy. You gotta walk the walk, if you can talk the talk!

This was a long course, started 8.30pm on Monday, was often after 7pm when I got home, Thursday was after 8pm (but I did get a lift home), Friday was the final day and we left around 12pm. Such a good course, very interesting lectures and good sites to visit. GREAT!!!

Wished I could take this course again! or work for VTT... still we will see if one day dreams can come true!!

 Prepared earth for replanting
 Chipping in the forest
 Storage a year to two under waterproof paper
 Plant in Muurame
 The furnace!
 These two small pipes are the district heating pipes!
 Thinned woodland
 Woodland waiting to be thinned
 High quality wood chips!
 Residue harvesting
 Stump harvesting

Piles of stumps

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