Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ähtäri Zoo

My birthday came early and one of my early gifts was a trip to Ähtäri zoo! It was awesome, go if you get chance!!! We are going back in the winter to see the animals in the snow and I am excited already!!

 Wolverine 1.10.2011 Ahma
 European Bison 1.10.2011 Visentti
 Reindeer 1.10.2011 Poro
 Wild Boar 1.10.2011 Villisika
 Owl House! 1.10.2011 Pöllöjä Talo!
 Elk 1.10.2011 Hirvi
 Pine Martins 1.10.2011 Näätäelämiä
 Wolves 1.10.2011 Susi

Bears!!!! 1.10.2011 Karhu 

Later in the evening, I went to see Victor and Graham in Muurame, it was a forest and lake summer house and I left after dark but found the place OK! I had an awesome night, gossiping and eating =)
Must be done again soon!

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