Tuesday, 17 August 2010

6th and 7th August (Nakkila, Pori, Espoo)

So I need to backtrack a little bit as I have fallen behind with my blogging as I have focused on learning as much as possible for my Finnish intensive course finals.

Saturday we went berry picking to Nakkila to a relatives house. We picked the red currants, black currants and a small amount of gooseberries. It took us a few hours to pick 2 and a half buckets. Then it started to thunder and tried to rain. Eero decided on which bike he wanted and we took it to pieces and put it in the car. It was then I noticed that evil bug had bitten me, not only was evil bug not happy with one bite it got me twice!!!! So it was then I accepted my ankle and foot would swell up again.

We then drove to Pori (now cloudy and trying to rain so we didn't go on the beach) then we drove to Reposaari... you know you have the best husband ever when he takes you somewhere to show you a windturbine as he knows you will think it's cool! I did think it was cool... or I wouldn't be reading my master's in Renewable energy but I was pissed that my camera wouldn't work.

Then we drove home, rained a little but saw no real signs of the bad storm that tore Sonisphere festival apart that same day nor anything of the bad storm in Tampere that tore off a school roof.

We made pizza, watched tv and slept.

Sunday we went to Valterri's birthday is Espoo and after getting back Eero dropped me off at the train station at 8pm and I ran for the train to get back to Jyväskylä. My ankle started swelling badly on the train and by the time I walked 3km home, it was huge and burning hot. It showered ignored it and went to bed.

Next morning I got up, leg was sore but it didn't look as angry as the night before so I walked to university (2.2km) well actually I biked so I wouldn't put as much pressure on my leg. When I got to school 10 minutes later, the bite had once more gone from 3cm across to 12cm across. I called my tutor and text my Finnish tutor saying I had to go to the doctor. So another allergic reaction to a bug... doctor thought it was probably a wasp or a horsefly... I think the latter as I didn't feel a thing. She gave me some cream and cortisone tablets to take and told me to be careful when outside.

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