Monday, 9 August 2010


Summer school is going very well, I feel. I am a lot more confident with Finnish even speaking it! So progress is being made.

The course is very intense we have to work through a huge booklet in just a month, well actually 3 weeks when days off have been taken into account. Then we are tested on four things; speaking, listening, reading and grammar... for the first time ever I am excited about an exam, I actually want to sit the exam... (weird)

We get to go to the language lab and having never learnt another language apart from English this is a new thing where you copy Maaria (teacher) and you record your own voice and then listen to yourself to see if you are pronouncing things properly. We do a fair bit of speaking and we are spoken to in Finnish (so it makes you listen and helps you understand all at the same time... something the first course lacked on). This course is great though it all makes sense and is very well taught and explained.

New friends are also a great bonus from this course, both long and short term I have met some wonderful people!

We get bonus things on this course lectures on Finnish culture; music, art and design etc. We get to watch three Finnish films to in Finnish!!!!

I am also riding my bike to school now too which is good. My fitness is improving I can't wait until the end of August when I have more time to walk and jog even bike around the lake, city and all of Jyväskylä!!!!

Lecture start at 9.30 and end at 1.30pm and we just get a hours lunch for a break. Then a few pages of homework due the next day. I am loving it though with so much to learn!

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