Monday, 30 August 2010

Kuuntelutentti ja kurssi tentti 30.08.2010

Today, was the day of a lot of exams. Ironically I also have a really bad head cold and can barely think in English let or lone a foreign language I am just becoming familiar with.

So this morning was the 45 minute listening exam, this is the hardest of all exams. The dialogues they pick always seem to be people speaking quickly and not clearly but such is the way of real life. the first dialogue was easier, though I got one question, the trick question wrong... 50/50 chance I knew it was between two answers. The other answers I think were ok, no real feeling one way or the other but I am just happy to pass to be honest! with this cold all I did all weekend was sleep and eat then sleep. Revision was impossible I couldn't do anything!

The written exam was this afternoon. It was hard to know what to expect as we had learnt so much but you couldn't possibly digest all we "learnt" so quickly. Though I am still learning in my book for a few hours a day until I know it all... shouldn't take too long as I know a lot of it. There were two exams. One was grammar based and the other was reading and answering questions. Reading was quite good and you have to answer in English to make sure you understand and don't just copy the appropriate lines. Grammar was a little harder with a writing a basic essay about what options are given. I did enjoy the grammar paper best but it has room for the most spelling mistakes! hehe

Still they are hoping to have marked all the tests by tomorrow so we will see! Whatever happens I know I put the time and effort into the course and sat it without complaining with an evil cold...

Tomorrow we have a class evaluation and then a party lunch!

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