Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Exam Results

The Finnish system of grading is different to the UK system. So 5 here is the highest (best grade) 1 is the lowest pass grade and 0 is fail.

I was very happy with getting grade 4 in all four exams but at the same time a little sad I missed grade 5 by a few marks, only one on one exam! But that's good considering the evil cold i sat 3 of the exams with! yay! I am glad though...

Tomorrow I have the day off and it will be nice to have a day to chill out and do whatever, whenever! A nice walk to prisma, baking and I would say take photos but it has forecast rain so I will be doing that the weekend =)

Suomi 1 is over and now i have to practise for suomi 2 which starts next week, along with proper university!

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