Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Opiskelen ja puhun suomea!

Friday Eero met me at the train station, he waited armed with a variety of things I could eat. Being the best boyfriend in the world he knew I would be hungry so he came prepared. We got him some mc donalds and I ate my cheese sandwich and a banana.

We got the bus home and cleaned up a bit for the arrival of Hanna and Kaisa. We then made pizza my favourite weekend trea, completely allergy friendly but not at all waistline healthy. I figure I now walk a minimum of 5km a day so if I cant have something good now and then, I will never be able too! My weight is dropping to so it's all good!!!

Saturday we moved, I stayed with Hanna and Kaisa as I had discovered I don't tolerate egg at all. I felt like death warmed up but discovered I spoke enough Finnish now to play with Kaisa all day long... we both enjoyed it! the allergy kids playing happily! made me realise how much I missed going to play with my nieces but I have our kids to look forward to one day and now I know my Finnish will be good enough to teach them it as a first language.. =) not that those days are anywhere near!! It was 8.30pm when we got home... I was hungry but didn't eat much as I didn't feel well and feel asleep just after 9pm.

Sunday was a chill out and catch up with my Finnish class work. Then the train back to Jyväskylä and I chat to my mom or eero the whole 3km walk back =)

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